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Doors and Windows systems from profesionals to profesionals!

Energon doors - windows can provide proffesional window manufacturers and dealers with technologically advanced u.P.V.C. doors and windows systems.

Our products are made in our new factory in Bulgaria by c.n.c. technology machines.Our stuff have 40 years of experience on window construction industry.All our systems are ecologically made by named companies sush as Aluplast and Profilink.We use G.u. and Vorne security fittings combined with Secustik double handles for maximum level of security.Our products use double, triple and triplex energy glass from Saintgobain.We are certified manufacturers of Aluplast systems.



*The awning “Energon Shutters” protects from the impact of direct sunlight and imparts a Mediterranean charms and a feeling of calmness.

  * "Energon Shutters" creates an air cushion in the resulting gap thus providing for these two favorable effects:

 1) This cushion serves as a heat barrier � an important factor to keep your energy costs lower.

 2) This cushion keeps noise out and contributes to the feeling of calmness.

 * “Energon Shutters” ensures such ventilation as to create a perfect microclimate � the cool air can penetrate into your home whereas sunrays cannot.

 * "Energon Shutters” serve as an extra protection layer both against burglary and against unwanted glare.

 * concealed drainage is possible

 * Being of high quality and durability, Energon products are distinguished for their long use.

 * 2 opening options

1) The classic way of opening with adjustable hinges for wall width from 8cm to 15cm( see picture1)

2) The new way of openinig with multilock fittings and Hoppe Secustik Handles for maximum level of safety( see picture 2).

* special security hardware guarantees the highest level of burglary protection.

 * Available in countless decor finishes.


  New shutter system with Security Mechanism

colour pallete

Colour pallete


images/roto fentro/Fentro3_30-03-2010.jpg

Picture 1


2 way of opening


Picture 2